About Amour Your Body

Canetha Amour-Porter created the all-natural skin care products from Amour Your Body, LLC and opened for business in October 2017.

A mother of five, her family kept the dermatologist in business with psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and dermatitis. Not wanting to give her child a prescription pill, her only option was a store-bought “stinky cream.” One day as she was struggling to apply the cream to the skin of two of her children, she began questioning if it was even worth it. The cream had an unpleasant odor the kids hated, plus they weren’t getting much relief from their skin conditions.

She started to research. Canetha knew she wanted to create an all-natural cream she could use on her children without worrying about chemicals, added ingredients or scents. After some experimenting, she perfected her recipe and got great results with the kids—their skin cleared up. 

Canetha made batch after batch of the body cream and would give it to family and friends who were having problems with their skin. Until one day, a friend asked for some skin cream and insisted on paying her.

From there, her business grew. Today, Amour Your Body products are still made by hand—either by Canetha or one of her children, daughter Alexandria Amour or her son, Jordan Porter.

“My family is the most important thing to me. That’s how the product was made. It was because I wanted the best for my kids,” Canetha says. “I’m very particular about the products I use. I’m going to give you the same level of product integrity that I give my family.”