Taking Promotional Products to Another Level!

Instead of giving your customers the status quo products, give them something that brings their senses into play. Have them think of you when remembering a fond memory from one of our amazing scented products.

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Hand Soap & Lotion

Great for promoting your business in office settings, special events or even just in a guest bathroom!


Lip Balm

Wonderful for guest and giveaways at a corporate function or fundraisers.


Body Cream

Own a Spa? Perfect for using on your clients dry, sensitive skin or skin issues. Your client will leave with the softest skin they have always wanted.


Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer is ALWAYS a big hit as giveaways. People love our fresh lemon scent and their hands won't feel dry and brittle. We use Aloe Vera to help moisturizes and soften your skin. They'll Thank you!

and much, much more amazing products!

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