Confidence (Lemongrass) Shower Steamer
Amour Your Body, LLC

Confidence (Lemongrass) Shower Steamer

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Whether you love all-natural skincare products or you’re suffering with skin issues, AYB shower steamers are perfect for you. 

If you prefer a shower to a bath, shower steamers are a great option. The aromatherapy creates a spa-like shower. All of our steamers are lovingly crafted in the USA by trained artisans with the highest quality ingredients to create a premium product that you will love.

Directions: Place the shower steamer in the corner of your shower out of direct way of water, but where water still splashes it. Enjoy your therapeutic shower!


    • Citric Acid
    • Corn Starch
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Essential Oil

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